Histories of World War II too often omit the experiences of “home front heroes”: the men, women, and children who bought bonds, built planes, endured sacrifices, and kept families together while loved ones served on the front lines. In contrast to the many oral histories of veterans, very few of those wartime witnesses’ memories and voices have been recorded.

The NATIONAL HOME FRONT PROJECT is a major new grassroots initiative under the leadership of historians at Washington College's Starr Center. We’re working with individuals, communities, and organizations across the country to record, preserve, and share audio interviews with men and women born in or before 1940. By pulling together in the spirit of wartime Americans, we can ensure that future generations hear their voices, and that our country never forgets its past.


Visit our website at http://www.nationalhomefrontproject.org and write us at info@nationalhomefrontproject.org, if you are interested in partnering to collect memories of the war in your own family or community.