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    • SQ 2016 - George Seymour 

      Seymour, George (C.V. Starr Center, 2016-06-28)
      George Seymour entered military service before the war ended, but only went overseas after the Japanese surrendered. He was stationed on then American-occupied Okinawa, and shares his experiences about being there. He also ...
    • SQ 2016- Carol Wolle 

      Wolle, Carol (C.V. Starr Center, 2016-06-23)
      Carol Wolle was born in 1934 and grew up during the war. She tells us about her childhood, her memories of the Pearl Harbor attack, and how rationing affected her life.
    • SQ 2016- Darla Downer 

      Downer, Darla (C.V. Starr Center, 2016-06-08)
      Darla Downer, born in 1938, lived in New Jersey during the war. Darla discussed her father’s work as a welder, her family’s victory garden, her experience on V-J Day, and technological advancement. She also discusses her ...
    • SQ 2016- Fred Israel 

      Israel, Fred (C.V. Starr Center, 2016-06-28)
      Fred Israel had the unique perspective of being both a citizen on the home front and a naval reservist during the war. Attending college at the age of 16 in New York City, Mr. Israel was one of the few men on campus as the ...
    • SQ 2016- Linda Hall 

      Hall, Linda (C.V. Starr Center, 2016-06-08)
      Linda Hall was a six-year-old living in southern Ohio at the start of the war. She witnessed the effect of a distant war on her small town and watched as it changed the American way of life. Her stories include memories ...
    • SQ 2016- Nancy Morris 

      Morris, Nancy (C.V. Starr Center, 2016-06-29)
      While somewhat sheltered as a child growing up during the war in the tightknit Chestertown community, Nancy Morris still felt the presence of the conflict. The movie theatre that her father owned was a gathering point for ...
    • SQ 2016- Page Barroll 

      Barroll, Page (C.V. Starr Center, 2016-06-20)
      Page Barroll, who grew up in the Kent County area during World War II, was born in 1939. She was a young child during the war, however, she was able to give accounts of her father and uncle working for a grain company and ...
    • SQ 2016-Jack Francher 

      Fancher, Jack (C.V. Starr Center, 2016-06-05)
      Jack Fancher was still a young child by the end of World War II, but he still recalls several vivid memories. One of his earliest memories was of blackout drills in his native Binghamton, New York. He and his mother kept ...
    • SQ 2016-Les Palmer 

      Palmer, Les (C.V. Starr Center, 2016-06-21)
      While growing up during WWII, Les Palmer had a paper route that shaped his life as a young adult. He often heard of the major events before the rest of his town due to his job distributing newspapers. He reflects on living ...