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    • SQ 2016 -Pamela Widell 

      Widell, Pamela (C.V. Starr Center, 2016-06-15)
      Pamela Heyne Widell was born in 1941 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. When the war ended, Pamela moved with her family to Germany. Even at such a young age, she still has vivid memories of her childhood abroad. She describes ...
    • SQ 2016- Haim Loran 

      Loran, Haim (C.V. Starr Center, 2016-06-20)
      Haim Loran is a Jewish Hungarian man who lived in Budapest during World War II. He talks about how survived the German occupation and how his brother was deported for forced labor. He remembers the Seige of Budapest, living ...