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  • Francis B. Zebrowski Military Information 

    Zebrowski, Mr. (1946-08-27)
    A brief description of Francis B. Zebrowski's military service from when he entered service to when he was killed in action.
  • Post-War Reunion Letter to Mr. Zebrowski 

    Clark, Charles B. (1946-08-13)
    Charles B. Clark, the Chairman of the Memorial Committee, requested photos of ex-Washington College students who lost their lives in the War.
  • Class of 2016 Participation Plaque 

    Unknown author (2016-05-21)
  • Class of 2015 Participation Plaque 

    Unknown author (2015-05-16)
  • Class of 2014 Participation Plaque 

    Unknown author (2014-05-17)
  • Class of 2013 Participation Plaque 

    Unknown author (2013-05-19)
  • Class of 2012 Participation Plaque 

    Unknown author (2012-05-20)
  • Class of 2011 Participation Plaque 

    Unknown author (2011-05-22)
  • Class of 2010 Participation Plaque 

    Unknown author (2010-05-16)
  • June 21, 1944 

    Zebrowski, Francis (1944-06-21)
    Francis Zebrowski is writing from the Hawaiian Islands. He talks about censorship, the college, the Education Bill, as well as a hope for the war to be over soon.
  • February 16, 1945 

    McGran, Bob (1945-02-16)
    Bob is writing to Doris after a three month hiatus where he was hospitalized. The conservation then goes into Campus Gossip, and about the awards Bob just received.
  • 2016 George Washington Birthday Convocation 

    Unknown author (2016-02-19)
    2016 George Washington Birthday Convocation
  • 233rd Commencement 

    College, Washington (2016-05-21)
    Washington College 233 Commencement
  • Patriotic Philanthropy by David Rubenstein 

    College, Washington (2016-05-20)
    Patriotic Philanthropy by David Rubenstein
  • 2016 Washington Prize 

    College, Washington (2016-05-26)
    2016 George Washington Prize, Flora Fraser
  • Annie B. Coleman's Retirement Celebration 

    College, Washington (2016-05-18)
    Annie Coleman's Retirement Celebration
  • 2016 Sophie Kerr Prize 

    College, Washington (2013-05-20)
    About the Sophie Kerr Legacy: Eastern Shore native Sophie Kerr published 23 novels, hundreds of short stories, and even a cookbook. When she died at 85 years old, she bequeathed the College a half-million-dollar trust fund, ...
  • SQ 2016 - John Smith 

    Smith, John (C.V. Starr Center, 2016-08-01)
    John Smith, born in 1930, lived in North East, Maryland during the war. His mother owned a boardinghouse that housed many workers from war-related industries, including munitions plants and construction workers. He talks ...
  • SQ 2016 - Gerald McDonald 

    McDonald, Gerald (C.V. Starr Center, 2016-07-28)
    Gerald McDonald was born August 25, 1938 in Cincinnati, OH. His father worked as town manager for two of America’s “green towns,” towns built during the New Deal by the Resettlement Administration to house struggling ...
  • SQ 2016-George Bennett 

    Bennett, George (CV. Starr Center, 2016-07-22)
    George Bennett, born in Neptune, New Jersey was drafted late into WWII. First drafted into the Navy and then joined the Seabees, he discusses his experiences both on the homefront and time in Okinawa after the war ended. ...

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