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  • SQ 2016 - Frances Miller 

    Miller, Frances (C.V. Starr Center, 2016-07-19)
    Frances “Francie” Miller, born October 15, 1937, was a child who lived in New Jersey and Florida during WWII. She discusses her father’s role as a PX in the Panama Canal and talks about the time that she spent on the ...
  • SQ 2016 - Arthur Wright 

    Wright, Arthur (C.V. Starr Center, 2016-06-14)
    Arthur Wright was born in 1940 on the Wye Plantation, in Queenstown, Maryland, where he lived for the majority of his childhood. He worked on the Houghton Family farm where he would work with his family to take care of the ...
  • SQ 2016- Mary Vaughan 

    Vaughan, Mary (C.V. Starr Center, 2016-07-19)
    Born in Hillsboro, West Virginia in 1937, Mary Vaughan was a child during WWII. She lived on her farm near a small town with her six siblings. During the war rationing was not much of an issue due to the independence her ...
  • SQ 2016 - Jane Hukill 

    Hukill, Jane (C.V. Starr Center, 2016-06-21)
    As a child during WWII, Jane Hukill remembers her father's and brother's service in the Pacific front. She also recalls the games she and her friends would play, and the food she ate during rationing in WWII. She remembers ...
  • SQ 2016- Louise Shearer 

    Shearer, Louise (C.V. Starr Center, 2016-06-07)
    Louise Shearer, born in 1944 in Teaneck, New Jersey, did not get to meet her father until she was 18 months old. Her father was stationed in the European in places like France and Germany. Due to this situation, Louise and ...

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